Quote of my week: 

“You don’t have to keep running,

But never stop walking.”

-Daphne Melodia

Life, is a series of marathons. You choose the medals you want to achieve, you sign up for new goals. There’s countless of things to do each week! A new run, life would throw.

But remember,

Life, is an endless race. And at the end of every marathon, it is sweetness you will taste. But you have, to keep moving.

So be brave, for it’s something we all face. Don’t worry about the others, for you only have to set your pace. And ultimately,

You’ll see the finishing.


Today I attended a very interesting sharing session with a group of students, and a veteran healthcare management professional, Mr J. G.

We were sitted in a circle, and he shared stories. This one, remained etched in my heart and it goes like this. 

The speaker’s elder son, asked him about his profession in the healthcare industry. So as he explained to his son, sitting at the rear, was his younger child. The child was trying to follow their conversation and blurted out, 


instead of healthcare. 

And it’s true. We do provide help to others and we care for others well-being. That is the true nature of our jobs. 

Now, what truly made me smile, was not only the sharings from the speaker, but also the students. There was a question thrown out; 

What is your omph and irks? 

Majority of the students, mentioned helping of patients, watching them smile, easing of burdens as their omph. These people, are the ones we want in the healthcare industry. Because to enjoy a smile from a stranger, is not something everyone will appreciate. I’ve seen plenty, who work simply to place food on the table. Please don’t mistake them as expressionless being. They have the very emotions like us. They just choose to filter what they see. I get utterly disgusted when someone simply walks past a patient, who is struggling to get up a chair. Yet it’s reality, we have people like these in our healthcare setting. 

So today, knowing that the students have these mindset of extending help to people in need, really warms my heart. At least we can be sure, we are cultivating the right people for the job. People with gracious hearts and empathy. 

Another thing that made me glad I attended this session, was knowing that people in the management, aren’t only about business. 

It’s not entirely false that we are running a business entity, however, one should never forget that our goal, is to provide the best care for the public. I was truly amazed, when Mr. J.G.  mentioned that his own very omph, was people’s smiles. 

What better way can a student learn than to watch a living example. 


May God bless your kind souls.

Kindness comes in all forms, and today I’m grateful for these people who stood out from the norm. 

The Antagonist.

I’m actually pretty annoyed with myself today. For out of nowhere, a sharp pain, of all tummies, chose mine to stay. Abrupt it came, I was caught unaware. I clutched my stomach, waiting for the train doors to open, was all I cared. 

I rushed out at the first station, and into the shopping mall I ran. The toilets were closed for cleaning, but I went in netherless, for the pain was too much to stand. 

A kind cleaner.

I knew she was upset, for I could hear her disgruntled snorts from the cubicle. She mentioned how could anyone not read the signs, to her, I was just an ignorant girl. 

But as I flushed the toilet and met her eye to eye, her expression softened as I apologized for intruding. She spoke kind words, and told me, 

“It’s okay” 

I thanked her, and hurried up the  next train for boarding. 

The Antagonist strikes again. 

Two stops later, the sharp pain striked again. Waiting for the doors to open once more, I dashed out of the train. 

I entered the station’s toilet, and there was two others in queue ahead. I remembered their stares and disgusted expression, as I clutched my tummy during the wait. 

I was stuck in the toilet for good long while. 

Now this brings me back to why I’m annoyed at myself, for as I walked out the toilet door. Suddenly my vision was filled with bright shining lights, as I scrambled across the floor. 

A kind stranger

I can’t remember who picked me up, but you have my gratitude as well. I apologize for running straight back into the toilet, before I could bid you farewell. 

A kind friend

I don’t quite remember the details after, for bright lights was all I see. I dialed for my family but to no avail. No one I knew, was free. 

The only person who picked up my calls, was a friend and a savior. I told him my vision was hazy, and that was all he needed to hear. 

I sat in the toilet waiting, before he accompanied me to the nearest clinic. With the intense pain and half-sighted vision, I tried hard not to panic. 

A kind patient

He asked about the waiting time, and there was a lady before me. She was another patient too. Yet she offered, her turn for me to see. 

I will never forget this kind gesture, as I walked through the doctor’s door. I thanked her once again, and I remembered no more. 

A kind boss

I woke up in the afternoon, I scrolled through the messages on my phone. I know my sudden medical leave messed up today’s roster, so I tried my very best to atone. 

I told my boss I’ll be back at work tomorrow, but what she replied warmed my heart. 

“If you’re not well, you can rest for tomorrow”

She’s got me covered, but if I wished, a later shift I’ll start.

And that brings me to an end of today, as I camp in the toilet; typing. A traumatic experience I’d say, but together with kindness it brings. 

This is an actual recount of what transpired on 31st May 2017. Kindness is not dead, and we should remember these little gestures. When it is our turn to be kind, let me always remember today, and deliver what I’ve learnt from these people. 

My deepest gratitude to the kind strangers, Mdm Lim F.L. and Yap X.Y. 

Random rant.

I really salute accounting students. They have much to remember, all for the sake of being prudent.

I’m at the verge of flipping my study desk to the other end of the earth. Balance sheets, income statements, trading and profit and loss, cash statement… Whoever gave rise to these accounts’ birth?! 

For one who studies biology; human anatomy. Boy, these sums are crazy hard to do.

But mark my words, I will conquer you

The old bird. 

It’s difficult to comprehend, why others say the things they say. It’s difficult to understand, why they can only do things their way. It’s difficult to communicate, when they don’t hear your reason. And you try your best to self-motivate, the brain just won’t listen. 

And you wallow in depression. 

But my dear, don’t sink to the rear.

For every thing they say, is a new option you can consider. For every inflexibility; their way. Is a method you can be sure. Afterall, they’ve been doing it for years. So silly, dry those tears. For their voice has given you a new reason, to accept differences and be open-minded. Continue observing and be willing to listen. For there’s much to learn from the old bird. 

Just remember, 

when it’s your turn to listen to what the young has to say, 

Just remember. 


Quote of the day: 

Be flexible around the inflexible. 



A mistake I’ve made, a terrible one indeed. It left me in despair, inside me, it planted a seed. As the coat broke, the roots emerges quickly. It waste no time to feed. The roots of despair, they penetrate deeply. 

I worried endlessly on the repercussions, I chided myself every second. I worried about the person I had implicate, my reflections had no end. My colleagues tried to console me, they said everyone make mistakes. And this time it went unnoticed, let the past settle, DO NOT rake. 

Yet I laid awake that night, my mind would not let me sleep. In between the sulcus of my brain I knew, guilt had started to seep. I sat on my bed researching the net, on ways to apologize to her. And somehow I felt a little braver, when I chanced upon her number. 

So I waited till dawn, when the time was ripe. I took a deep breath. 

And typed. 




It’s alright (: ” 

She replied. 

I stood motionless, as my lips slowly curled into a smile. The roots that once suffocated me, withered. I felt relieved, for a while. Then came gratitude, admiration and respect, as they pried into my soul. For such kindness overwhelmed me, this feeling, I’ll forever hold. 

To the lady with a huge heart, Ms Tan YJ, thank you. (: 

Happy Mother’s Day. 

She, who nags –

“Please stop!”, I’d beg. 

She, who rearranges my desk –

Where’s my pen?!” I’d scream in distress. 

She, who forces veggies down my throat – 

It taste terrible..”, I’d croak. 

She, who uses a pillow to cover my face when I snore –

Leave me alone!“, I was feeling sore. 

She, who calls every few hours to ask where I am –

I’m not a kid anymore!” I’d rage like a ram. 


She who nags, I’d miss it when the house is empty. When there’s no echoes of her rants. 

She who rearranges my desk, I’d flip every sheet of paper on it if she didn’t. And I still can’t find my pen. 

She who forces veggies down my throat, but she’ll never forget to cook my favourite dish.

She who uses a pillow to cover my face when I snore, but drop a kiss on my forehead before she leaves. 

She who calls every every few hours to ask where I am, today she didn’t. 

And on every mother’s day each year. I’ll sit by the window, reminiscing. 

Happy Mother’s Day! 

I love you mummy! Please come back home soon!