Quote of my week: 

“You don’t have to keep running,

But never stop walking.”

-Daphne Melodia

Life, is a series of marathons. You choose the medals you want to achieve, you sign up for new goals. There’s countless of things to do each week! A new run, life would throw.

But remember,

Life, is an endless race. And at the end of every marathon, it is sweetness you will taste. But you have, to keep moving.

So be brave, for it’s something we all face. Don’t worry about the others, for you only have to set your pace. And ultimately,

You’ll see the finishing.


Sun, sand and sea

Happiness is where the sun, sand and sea is. An occasional swing is always a blessing.

The sand trickle in between my toes as hermit crabs desperately dig their escape from the giant feet. The sea breeze whisper softly; sweet nothings that melts my heart once more. The ocean waves rush over to greet, they bow and dissolve beneath me. The willows stretch and reach out to my call.

Blessed is the mermaid who walks under the sun.

Oh! Such fun!

The wish, within.

A girl sat sobbing; pitifully for her young mother so dear. She could never forget those dreadful words.

It has spread, the breast cancer I fear.”

Forty years into the future, the girl was now a mother of two. As the doctor related her mammography report, it overwhelmed her.

A sense of deja vu.

She broke down in tears, wished her colleague had never recommended this health screen! Yet the doctor consoled her, a smile on his face.

We’re glad you came, for the cancer is still early hence we are able to intervene.”


she lived to eighty seven and to her heartbroken grandchildren, she breathed her last…

“Please don’t cry when I’m gone. I lived long enough to be a loving mother and a wife. In this machine that saved me, my wish continues to live on;

To make a difference in people’s lives.

-Daphne Melodia

Cheesy love

We spend our lives searching for it; lab rats running through wooden mazes, uncertain. The cheese promised to us at the corners, glimmers like a pot of gold. Contented, you tell yourself; I’ve found it.

We take a mouthful, and that’s when the problem starts. You say they are lucky, the cheddar was their cup of tea. You preferred the wilder taste of mozerella hence a year or two, the wooden maze envelops you once more. You left.

Parmesans, Camemberts, Roqueforts greeted you with open arms and your teeth marks imprinted on a slice of their gold. Yet appealed not, for that exquisite wild taste still haunts your mind and sucks you back into the maze. Not yet.

The scientists laid the cheese out fairly, Mozerella appeared like a pokemon out of a bush! You stood there gasping in shock, for a beauty you have searched your whole life for; agreed to love you in return. A bite gave you the shivers of excitement and bewilderment. The second made you giddy with happiness; even those thriller rollercoasters could not compare! The third sent shockwaves of joy tingling throughout your whole body. Perfecto.

Nobody remembers, how many teeth sinking did it take before the predators of that wilderness appeared. The sleepless nights, as your tummy churned endlessly. Your tongue clawed out by the Mozerella’s taste, burned. Your body weak, not only with fatigue but the longing of simplicity; Cheddar. It is only then you realized, I miss you.

We all make mistakes. Afterall, lab rats are intelligent creatures. And I believe I’ve read it somewhere before, intelligence complicates even the simplest matters. Oh the irony! You think of the things to say when you meet Chedder once more, the endless possibilities that you could have, the simple plain taste you’ve wanted all along but wait! What if the Cheddar was gone?

We spend our lives searching for it; lab rats running through wooden mazes, uncertain. The cheese promised to us at the corners, glimmers like a pot of gold. Contented, you tell yourself; I’ve really found it.

-Daphne Melodia

True love, never really leave. What’s meant to be is meant to be, no matter how long it takes.

Road Trip; Kota Tinggi

We all start out somewhere. 

Today, Ant and her rider went up to Kota Tinggi for Bak Kut Teh! Of course, we tried tailgating an R1, but failed miserably. Hahaha! 150cc VS 1000cc. What’d I expect right? Though, I’d have to admit I’m really proud of Ant. I did a max speed test (Malaysia highways are awesome for this!) and guess what, she went up to 130km/h! Well, it’s not that high, but for a 7 year old bike, I’d say she did a pretty decent job maintaining at that speed for a while. 

3 hours journey up and down, the experience is awesome. Next stop, Malacca. But this time, with an evolved Ant. 

Here’s Ant and the Hut

Bak Kut Teh @ some ulu area of Kota Tinggi

Dream bike ❤️

And we’re at Kota Tinggi!


Promises and relationships are important for employee retention. It might be a yearly affair but if one fails to see the importance of an appraisal, the employer-employee relationship can be destroyed. 
An appraisal is not simply a report card and monetary increment, but a session to build up an employee’s loyalty and respect. There are 3 L’s which I personally feel is important. 

Look, listen and learn. 

Look at your employee in the eye. It is the most basic respect that one should have cultivated, and should always be given to your employee. This will encourage conversations by removing the unfamiliarity barrier, building up your relationship with them. Multi-tasking during an appraisal, staring at your computer, will only give your employee the impression that you are uninterested in his/her growth in your company. This simple gesture has the biggest impact for ensuring an effective appraisal. 

Listen. This can only be done once you’ve achieved in destroying the barrier between you and your employee. When an employee opens up to you during an appraisal, listen to their aspirations and complaints. They are no different from you, with unique needs and goals in mind. It might be a chore due to the numerous staffs in your company, but listening to each of their wants allow you to understand how you can help them with their growth. Never assume you know what is best for your employee, or placing him/her in an area whereby you require the manpower. This only shows that your interest is in the company, and the growth of your staff is not important. In addition, by listening to what they have to say gives you an idea of the working environment that is cultivated in their daily lives. When we talk about teamwork or healthcare delivery efficiency, it all boils down to the type of employees hired and the company’s culture. (This will be another topic I’d discuss about in the near future.) A good working environment is always a key consideration for employee retention. 

Every individual is different no doubt, however there’s one key feature that can be said to exist in most. When an employee feels that the company has their interest at heart, it builds up loyalty. And this can be easily achieved by simply listening. 
Lastly, learn from the annual sessions. Appraisals allows you to gather information about your employee’s progress and environment so discuss with them on how things can be improved. Most individuals usually have a solution in mind, whereby it comes in a form of, “I wish things were this instead“. By discussing their observations and ways for improvement, you are actually learning more about your company’s culture and underlying problems. Thus, it would be easier to focus on areas that needs correction. 

Learning also comes in a form whereby you constantly learn how to perform an appraisal that is unique to each individual. When you learn an employee’s objective, your appraisal shouldn’t be based on the generic guidelines provided, but according to the individual’s strengths.   

In conclusion, a company is nothing without people. Look at your employees, listen to them, and keep learning from the annual sessions. Respect the appraisals, respect the relationship.