Quote of my week: 

“You don’t have to keep running,

But never stop walking.”

-Daphne Melodia

Life, is a series of marathons. You choose the medals you want to achieve, you sign up for new goals. There’s countless of things to do each week! A new run, life would throw.

But remember,

Life, is an endless race. And at the end of every marathon, it is sweetness you will taste. But you have, to keep moving.

So be brave, for it’s something we all face. Don’t worry about the others, for you only have to set your pace. And ultimately,

You’ll see the finishing.


10 bad habits, or maybe 11- that are killing your credibility.

The read:

1. Apologizing for no apparent reason.

2. Interrupting people, or not listening to them while they speak but bursting in at the first opportunity after they’ve spoken, in order to share your opinion. If you have this bad habit, practice consciously listening to your conversational partner and then asking them, “Would you like to say more about that?” before sharing your own thoughts.

3. Failing to use “Please” and “Thank you” in your interactions with your teammates, your manager, customers and vendors and everyone else you interact with at work.

4. Leaving details to the last minute so that you have to run around averting a crisis instead of planning ahead.

5. Being a suck-up to the boss, spying on your coworkers and reporting back to your manager or sharing one set of opinions with your teammates and a completely different set with your boss.

6. Using “uptalk” — speech that ends every sentence with an ascending inflection, like a question. Here’s what uptalk sounds like:

You: So, I have to finish this report by Friday? I have to get it to the VP so he can put the pricing plan together? That’s why I asked you to meet with me, so we can go over it before I present it to the VP? If we can just go through it quickly that will be great? I really appreciate your time?

7. Making a point of staying later at the office than everyone else and arriving earlier in the morning than anyone else does. Effective employees get their work done during the work day. You will never become more credible by working longer hours to show the boss how dedicated you are.

8. Forgetting to write down details and note appointments and commitments in your calendar.

9. Taking credit for your coworkers’ ideas and accomplishments.

10. Gossiping

11. Conducting loud, personal phone conversations in earshot of your teammates. Nobody wants to hear you arguing with your sweetheart or booking your spa treatments. Save those calls for a time when you’re outside the building, or use text instead of voice.

How many of these habits do you have? How do we address them? These are the pointers taken from the article.

Awareness. Paying attention to these habits gives you an idea on when it might recur.

Preparation. Practice responses.

Acknowledgment. A habit takes time to break so give yourself a pat on the back for a successful day and take a short break when it returns.

Ultimately, as long as you don’t give up. Nothing is impossible. Have a blessed day everyone! (:

A teeny friend, who was family.

In loving memory of XueXue.


Among the treasure of photos and videos, I loved this. Look at how smug your face was! Coupled with those round beady eyes, you always wore this angelic looking appearance. And it was that very face that stole our hearts from the day we saw you at farmart. Alas! We were fooled. You were a far cry from an angel. You constantly destroyed every single rattan ball we gave you to play, threw your princess tantrums whenever I tried to salvage what was left of my shredded homework, pooped on my newly washed clothes, chewed on every single thing that round beady eyes spied upon. Oh! And let’s not forget how you’d mimic the mynahs’ screeching outside my window. You’d turn yourself into an alarm that never failed to go off at 7am with sharp piercing screams and chirps every single day. Which was, particularly annoying on Sundays. It was countless, all the terrible things that you did which would leave me infuriated! Yet at this very moment.

I sit here in between tears, wishing for you to wreck everything within my vicinity once more.

It’s too quiet –

You, who would chirp every single time you heard our footsteps from behind the door. I missed it. You, who would always wolf-whistle to greet us. I missed it. You, who would mock us with your mimicry sneezes right after we sneezed. I missed it. You, who would perch on my shoulders and head to sleep. I missed it. You, who would leave a trail of mass destruction wherever you go. I missed it. You, who would gladly sit beside me chewing my stationeries as I studied. I missed it. You, who would peek out whenever I called XueXue. I missed it. You, who would be delighted at the sound of plastics. I missed it. You, who would stuff ribbons and paper shreds in your feathers. I missed it. You, who would climb on me whenever I was napping. I missed it. You, who would always take a bite out of everything I ate. I missed it. You, who would accompany me for grocery shopping. I missed it. You, who would be all well-behaved whenever we went out. I missed it. You, who would step up, turn and fly towards me when I called. I missed it.

You, who had uncountable ridiculous yet so adorable you.. I missed them all.

I miss you so so much XueXue.

My silly miniature hulk who was so intelligent and endearing. It feels as though you’ve chewed a whole chunk of my heart and brought it with you to heaven. I tell myself plenty of times to be happy for you, but whenever I come back to this silence. My heart ached so badly that I’d end up in tears. You, became so much more than just a friend.

You are a part of me. You are family.

And family means nobody gets left behind, or forgotten.

Sun, sand and sea

Happiness is where the sun, sand and sea is. An occasional swing is always a blessing.

The sand trickle in between my toes as hermit crabs desperately dig their escape from the giant feet. The sea breeze whisper softly; sweet nothings that melts my heart once more. The ocean waves rush over to greet, they bow and dissolve beneath me. The willows stretch and reach out to my call.

Blessed is the mermaid who walks under the sun.

Oh! Such fun!

The wish, within.

A girl sat sobbing; pitifully for her young mother so dear. She could never forget those dreadful words.

It has spread, the breast cancer I fear.”

Forty years into the future, the girl was now a mother of two. As the doctor related her mammography report, it overwhelmed her.

A sense of deja vu.

She broke down in tears, wished her colleague had never recommended this health screen! Yet the doctor consoled her, a smile on his face.

We’re glad you came, for the cancer is still early hence we are able to intervene.”


she lived to eighty seven and to her heartbroken grandchildren, she breathed her last…

“Please don’t cry when I’m gone. I lived long enough to be a loving mother and a wife. In this machine that saved me, my wish continues to live on;

To make a difference in people’s lives.

-Daphne Melodia

Cheesy love

We spend our lives searching for it; lab rats running through wooden mazes, uncertain. The cheese promised to us at the corners, glimmers like a pot of gold. Contented, you tell yourself; I’ve found it.

We take a mouthful, and that’s when the problem starts. You say they are lucky, the cheddar was their cup of tea. You preferred the wilder taste of mozerella hence a year or two, the wooden maze envelops you once more. You left.

Parmesans, Camemberts, Roqueforts greeted you with open arms and your teeth marks imprinted on a slice of their gold. Yet appealed not, for that exquisite wild taste still haunts your mind and sucks you back into the maze. Not yet.

The scientists laid the cheese out fairly, Mozerella appeared like a pokemon out of a bush! You stood there gasping in shock, for a beauty you have searched your whole life for; agreed to love you in return. A bite gave you the shivers of excitement and bewilderment. The second made you giddy with happiness; even those thriller rollercoasters could not compare! The third sent shockwaves of joy tingling throughout your whole body. Perfecto.

Nobody remembers, how many teeth sinking did it take before the predators of that wilderness appeared. The sleepless nights, as your tummy churned endlessly. Your tongue clawed out by the Mozerella’s taste, burned. Your body weak, not only with fatigue but the longing of simplicity; Cheddar. It is only then you realized, I miss you.

We all make mistakes. Afterall, lab rats are intelligent creatures. And I believe I’ve read it somewhere before, intelligence complicates even the simplest matters. Oh the irony! You think of the things to say when you meet Chedder once more, the endless possibilities that you could have, the simple plain taste you’ve wanted all along but wait! What if the Cheddar was gone?

We spend our lives searching for it; lab rats running through wooden mazes, uncertain. The cheese promised to us at the corners, glimmers like a pot of gold. Contented, you tell yourself; I’ve really found it.

-Daphne Melodia

True love, never really leave. What’s meant to be is meant to be, no matter how long it takes.

Road Trip; Kota Tinggi

We all start out somewhere. 

Today, Ant and her rider went up to Kota Tinggi for Bak Kut Teh! Of course, we tried tailgating an R1, but failed miserably. Hahaha! 150cc VS 1000cc. What’d I expect right? Though, I’d have to admit I’m really proud of Ant. I did a max speed test (Malaysia highways are awesome for this!) and guess what, she went up to 130km/h! Well, it’s not that high, but for a 7 year old bike, I’d say she did a pretty decent job maintaining at that speed for a while. 

3 hours journey up and down, the experience is awesome. Next stop, Malacca. But this time, with an evolved Ant. 

Here’s Ant and the Hut

Bak Kut Teh @ some ulu area of Kota Tinggi

Dream bike ❤️

And we’re at Kota Tinggi!