2XU half marathon.


Let your heart set the pace. 

It matters not how many times I race, each marathon unveils beautiful surprises, different from the rest.

Today, cups piled alongside the parks, scattered among the grass, after every water station. A similar scene for a frequent runner. However, someone caught my eye. There was somebody, a guy in his mid fourties perhaps. He was panting, practically gasping for air as he dragged his feet, right fist clenched. He was tired, it was clear to see. However he never let go. The empty cup in his left. It was about 200 metres perhaps, before we threw our cups into the litterbin. A small gesture, but definitely heartwarming to know there are still considerate people around. (:

P.S. Perhaps they should place more dustbins, spread the distance of the litterbins so slower drinkers are able to discard their cups properly. Then again, maybe we should probably teach people how to aim their cups into a bin first.

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