Empty promises. 

The joy it brings, onto the heart it hinge. Yet unknown to all, the cracks, it calls. 

And cracks deepen, leaving a once proud fortress, 

to fall.

-Daphne Melodia

Will there be a day, where people spare a thought for the words, they are about to spill. An empty promise might be a split second to one, but an eternal haunt to another. It brings hope, followed by disappointment. It leads someone closer, only to cast them astray. It strengthens relationships, yet blight from within . 

But look up, little despaired one. For every haunting has its solace, and every disappointment brings opportunity for new hope. A maze always has an exit while relationships can be once again created. A fortress, is once again constructed. 

This time, 

a stronger hold with courage, wisdom and compassion. 

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