At times I wonder, if I’ll be like her one day.

She was my inspiration, the reason I requested to be where I am. She was motherly. In fact, I admired the way she took care of everyone’s welfare. I adored her. She ruled with an iron fist, no doubt. But her words were firm. People obeyed. She was knowledgeable, for she taught with confidence and I listened, observed, in awe. I thanked my stars, for a dream come true. Elated, I rejoiced, at any task that she threw. For a year I grew, under her care and guidance. I’ll always remember, and appreciate her kind gestures. Yet a year later,

the glass began to tip. Those beautiful memories, started to drip. 

Perhaps, the mistakes started to grow with me. She probably noticed. It wasn’t easy, and I stumbled plenty. So harder I try. I observed, I practiced, I wrote my notes over, and over. Weeks it took, and I’m pleased. I was proud of myself for establishing a good control over my responsibilities. I placed my entire pride, ensuring everything was perfect.

Yet trampled it was, for her statements were false. 

Without clarifications, she raged upon me in public. God knows, how the story ended up skewed. But instead of rectifying, all she saw was blame. She focused not, on how the relay to her failed, or how to prevent a repeat. She zeroed in thoughtlessly,

with nothing but assumptions in her hands. Perhaps it’s a pet peeve, accusations are something I just can’t stand. 

But, she is still my star, the reason I’ve got this far. I will still continue to admire, respect and idolise her. My gratitude has no boundaries and she will forever be my inspiration. The reason I am, where I am. I still aspire to be like her. Confident, firm and knowledgable. But today, she became something more; an important lesson on my character growth.

P.S. Always clarify with the actual party. For what you hear from another’s tongue, may not be what actually transpired.



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