Daily Prompt: Denial

He grips you tight, leaving you awake through the night.
He holds you close, embracing you under the folds.
He whispers in your ears,
gently, yet constantly.
And you coax yourself it all ain’t true.
Cover those ears, for days, months and years.
For you can deny Denial,
But he’ll always be beside you.

– Daphne Melodia

The news came, it swept past you so suddenly! You have not an idea, on how a reaction, should be. You put on a brave front, and smile. You strut away, but there’s one thing you’re certain of. You are unsure of what’s next. Maybe, just maybe. You’ve heard it wrong, or your eyes were just mischievous today. You question the new friend that you’ve made, and like a tape recorder. He repeats the news to you once again.

You deny, what was denied to you. 

And while you harp on what was taken from you, Denial blinds the gifts that life has installed.

via Daily Prompt: Denial


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