Champions rise, their names etched in halls.
They stand beaming, proud and tall.
As we applaud, praise, glee in awe.
Let’s not forget, there’s a Champion in all.

– Daphne Melodia

It’s easy to notice the feats others achieved. It glares in our face, we welcome them, with a little tinge of envy. How often we wished, to be them, standing in the limelight. Even for a split second, we hope to be noticed. We long for praises, admiration and respect. We want our efforts to be commended. We want to be a CHAMPION.

And I tell you,


Stand in front of a mirror and look at the person staring back at you. You, are the own boss of your life, and perhaps, it’s simple to forget that you, yes YOU! Have the ability to compliment and flatter. You have the ability to smile and commend yourself for a job well done! You, can be, your very own fan.

And there’s nothing, you can’t achieve champion.


via Daily Prompt: Champion

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