Away from home. #2/13

The radio mumbled, as she stared blankly out the window. Pondering if the streetlamps that bowed to her, were feeling just as cold. She asked, “Could you please increase the temperature?”, and the driver complied. Yet it helped not, for a hot bottle she wished she could hold.

Her stomach rumbled, as her mind featured this evening’s dinner. It was Mum’s homemade claypot delicacy, with a serving for four. She had barely taken a bite, before the hospital cruelly summoned. Screamed, was the phone, given to the healthcare professionals on call.

So into the fridge, her dinner would sit.

She grabbed her bag, for half an hour was all she had.

As she stood waiting, for the cab she dialed,

The skies started drizzling, around her the wind howled.

But alas, her little daydream crumbled. For the hospital stood proud and tall. She thanked the driver politely, watched him drive out of sight. As she entered the department, and into her uniform, she swiftly changed. She prepared herself, for the duties unplanned, throughout the night.

In response to Away from home. #1/13


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