How many times can a heart break before it screams for the brakes. 

I loved with all my heart, I gave everything that I’ve got. He was the man of my dreams, the man I thought I sought. I longed to be his city, the queen of his empire. But now I finally realized, it wasn’t something I could acquire. 

I’m sure he loved with all his heart, and he gave everything that he’s got. I’m sure he tried his best to be, yet I couldn’t be the woman he sought. He longed for one to submit, to be ruled under his empire. But I was too fragile for his iron fist, he raged when he could not acquire.

And so shattered was both our hearts, we knew. It was everything that we’ve got. Yet different things we wanted, from each other we both sought. With every argument it came crashing, our once perfect empire. We were both too stubborn to relent, to offer what was desired.

But for every city that falls, a new emperor reign. The cycle repeats itself, for the sun shines after the rain. But tell me again, how many a times, can my weary heart break. 

I think I’ve cycled long enough, it’s time to hit the brakes. 


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