A mistake I’ve made, a terrible one indeed. It left me in despair, inside me, it planted a seed. As the coat broke, the roots emerges quickly. It waste no time to feed. The roots of despair, they penetrate deeply. 

I worried endlessly on the repercussions, I chided myself every second. I worried about the person I had implicate, my reflections had no end. My colleagues tried to console me, they said everyone make mistakes. And this time it went unnoticed, let the past settle, DO NOT rake. 

Yet I laid awake that night, my mind would not let me sleep. In between the sulcus of my brain I knew, guilt had started to seep. I sat on my bed researching the net, on ways to apologize to her. And somehow I felt a little braver, when I chanced upon her number. 

So I waited till dawn, when the time was ripe. I took a deep breath. 

And typed. 




It’s alright (: ” 

She replied. 

I stood motionless, as my lips slowly curled into a smile. The roots that once suffocated me, withered. I felt relieved, for a while. Then came gratitude, admiration and respect, as they pried into my soul. For such kindness overwhelmed me, this feeling, I’ll forever hold. 

To the lady with a huge heart, Ms Tan YJ, thank you. (: 


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