The old bird. 

It’s difficult to comprehend, why others say the things they say. It’s difficult to understand, why they can only do things their way. It’s difficult to communicate, when they don’t hear your reason. And you try your best to self-motivate, the brain just won’t listen. 

And you wallow in depression. 

But my dear, don’t sink to the rear.

For every thing they say, is a new option you can consider. For every inflexibility; their way. Is a method you can be sure. Afterall, they’ve been doing it for years. So silly, dry those tears. For their voice has given you a new reason, to accept differences and be open-minded. Continue observing and be willing to listen. For there’s much to learn from the old bird. 

Just remember, 

when it’s your turn to listen to what the young has to say, 

Just remember. 


Quote of the day: 

Be flexible around the inflexible. 



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