Today I attended a very interesting sharing session with a group of students, and a veteran healthcare management professional, Mr J. G.

We were sitted in a circle, and he shared stories. This one, remained etched in my heart and it goes like this. 

The speaker’s elder son, asked him about his profession in the healthcare industry. So as he explained to his son, sitting at the rear, was his younger child. The child was trying to follow their conversation and blurted out, 


instead of healthcare. 

And it’s true. We do provide help to others and we care for others well-being. That is the true nature of our jobs. 

Now, what truly made me smile, was not only the sharings from the speaker, but also the students. There was a question thrown out; 

What is your omph and irks? 

Majority of the students, mentioned helping of patients, watching them smile, easing of burdens as their omph. These people, are the ones we want in the healthcare industry. Because to enjoy a smile from a stranger, is not something everyone will appreciate. I’ve seen plenty, who work simply to place food on the table. Please don’t mistake them as expressionless being. They have the very emotions like us. They just choose to filter what they see. I get utterly disgusted when someone simply walks past a patient, who is struggling to get up a chair. Yet it’s reality, we have people like these in our healthcare setting. 

So today, knowing that the students have these mindset of extending help to people in need, really warms my heart. At least we can be sure, we are cultivating the right people for the job. People with gracious hearts and empathy. 

Another thing that made me glad I attended this session, was knowing that people in the management, aren’t only about business. 

It’s not entirely false that we are running a business entity, however, one should never forget that our goal, is to provide the best care for the public. I was truly amazed, when Mr. J.G.  mentioned that his own very omph, was people’s smiles. 

What better way can a student learn than to watch a living example. 



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