10 bad habits, or maybe 11- that are killing your credibility.

The read: https://www-forbes-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.forbes.com/sites/lizryan/2018/06/24/ten-bad-habits-that-are-killing-your-credibility/amp/

1. Apologizing for no apparent reason.

2. Interrupting people, or not listening to them while they speak but bursting in at the first opportunity after they’ve spoken, in order to share your opinion. If you have this bad habit, practice consciously listening to your conversational partner and then asking them, “Would you like to say more about that?” before sharing your own thoughts.

3. Failing to use “Please” and “Thank you” in your interactions with your teammates, your manager, customers and vendors and everyone else you interact with at work.

4. Leaving details to the last minute so that you have to run around averting a crisis instead of planning ahead.

5. Being a suck-up to the boss, spying on your coworkers and reporting back to your manager or sharing one set of opinions with your teammates and a completely different set with your boss.

6. Using “uptalk” — speech that ends every sentence with an ascending inflection, like a question. Here’s what uptalk sounds like:

You: So, I have to finish this report by Friday? I have to get it to the VP so he can put the pricing plan together? That’s why I asked you to meet with me, so we can go over it before I present it to the VP? If we can just go through it quickly that will be great? I really appreciate your time?

7. Making a point of staying later at the office than everyone else and arriving earlier in the morning than anyone else does. Effective employees get their work done during the work day. You will never become more credible by working longer hours to show the boss how dedicated you are.

8. Forgetting to write down details and note appointments and commitments in your calendar.

9. Taking credit for your coworkers’ ideas and accomplishments.

10. Gossiping

11. Conducting loud, personal phone conversations in earshot of your teammates. Nobody wants to hear you arguing with your sweetheart or booking your spa treatments. Save those calls for a time when you’re outside the building, or use text instead of voice.

How many of these habits do you have? How do we address them? These are the pointers taken from the article.

Awareness. Paying attention to these habits gives you an idea on when it might recur.

Preparation. Practice responses.

Acknowledgment. A habit takes time to break so give yourself a pat on the back for a successful day and take a short break when it returns.

Ultimately, as long as you don’t give up. Nothing is impossible. Have a blessed day everyone! (:


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