The chair.

We believe, not because we expect something from Him. He is like a chair. You don’t expect anything from a chair. But when you’re tired, you’re thankful he is there. He, becomes a place to rest your weary soul.  (:     Advertisements

10 bad habits, or maybe 11- that are killing your credibility.

The read: 1. Apologizing for no apparent reason. 2. Interrupting people, or not listening to them while they speak but bursting in at the first opportunity after they’ve spoken, in order to share your opinion. If you have this bad habit, practice consciously listening to your conversational partner and then asking them, “Would you […]

Sun, sand and sea

Happiness is where the sun, sand and sea is. An occasional swing is always a blessing. The sand trickle in between my toes as hermit crabs desperately dig their escape from the giant feet. The sea breeze whisper softly; sweet nothings that melts my heart once more. The ocean waves rush over to greet, they […]

Cheesy love

We spend our lives searching for it; lab rats running through wooden mazes, uncertain. The cheese promised to us at the corners, glimmers like a pot of gold. Contented, you tell yourself; I’ve found it. We take a mouthful, and that’s when the problem starts. You say they are lucky, the cheddar was their cup […]