Hawker eats.

My heart broke. I tried to hold back my tears. How silly. He sat in front of his stall, a few strands of hair clinging to his shiny scalp. He looked around, preparing to stand whenever someone walked past. He stood up. I smiled and pointed to his stall signage. I didn’t really want to […]

Love is.. You.

Love is in the air!   L, is for the little things you would do. Just to make my life a tad bit easier. O, is for offering yourself as my teddy. Whenever I need you to be here. V, is for very very much! Thank you. E, is for everything, my dear.   Thank […]

16th March 2019

Mr & Mrs. Yap I still remember the first time we met. He wore a tee- bermudas and slippers. That, was our very first meeting. He had a slingbag with an orange bunny and he sipped a cup of sugarless tea. It was a first, I’d say. I’ve never met anyone who was as laid […]

Braces killed my smile (Chapter 5)

Braces killed my smile. (Chapter 1) Braces killed my smile (Chapter 2) Braces killed my smile (Chapter 3) Braces killed my smile (Chapter 4)   Doubts.   After a week of waiting with no response from Dr. K, I texted her. Her reply was to get the records from Dr. C as she was leaving […]

Braces killed my smile (Chapter 4)

Braces killed my smile. (Chapter 1) Braces killed my smile (Chapter 2) Braces killed my smile (Chapter 3) The uncertain recovery   Just recently, I’ve been on a short trip to taiwan. My very much needed getaway from all the negativity. Soaking in the hot sulphuric waters as my anxiety diffuse, the joy! (: But […]

The chair.

We believe, not because we expect something from Him. He is like a chair. You don’t expect anything from a chair. But when you’re tired, you’re thankful he is there. He, becomes a place to rest your weary soul.  (:    

10 bad habits, or maybe 11- that are killing your credibility.

The read: https://www-forbes-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.forbes.com/sites/lizryan/2018/06/24/ten-bad-habits-that-are-killing-your-credibility/amp/ 1. Apologizing for no apparent reason. 2. Interrupting people, or not listening to them while they speak but bursting in at the first opportunity after they’ve spoken, in order to share your opinion. If you have this bad habit, practice consciously listening to your conversational partner and then asking them, “Would you […]