Random rant.

I really salute accounting students. They have much to remember, all for the sake of being prudent. I’m at the verge of flipping my study desk to the other end of the earth. Balance sheets, income statements, trading and profit and loss, cash statement… Whoever gave rise to these accounts’ birth?!  For one who studies […]

Daily Prompt: Denial

He grips you tight, leaving you awake through the night. He holds you close, embracing you under the folds. He whispers in your ears, gently, yet constantly. And you coax yourself it all ain’t true. Cover those ears, for days, months and years. For you can deny Denial, But he’ll always be beside you. – […]


As she was ready for leaving, The tears stinging, Streaking across that beautiful face.  I stood motionlessly. Lost in the moment, Reflecting at my act of folly.  – Daphne Melodia Now read it from the bottom to the top. For an important lesson was taught; Even if I set us on rewind, The fault will […]