The old bird. 

It’s difficult to comprehend, why others say the things they say. It’s difficult to understand, why they can only do things their way. It’s difficult to communicate, when they don’t hear your reason. And you try your best to self-motivate, the brain just won’t listen.  And you wallow in depression.  But my dear, don’t sink […]


At times I wonder, if I’ll be like her one day. She was my inspiration, the reason I requested to be where I am. She was motherly. In fact, I admired the way she took care of everyone’s welfare. I adored her. She ruled with an iron fist, no doubt. But her words were firm. People […]


She screamed, she yelled. For today, she felt. The day crashed hard, her plans fell, apart. Yet silent he remained, harsh words he refrained. Into his arms she was called. A perfectly timed, pause. -Daphne Melodia via Daily Prompt: Pause